Branch action plan

13. Branch Quarterly Checklist

This check list is primarily for the Inter-University Representative, but must also be looked over by the Executive Director. Please make 4 copies for all the 4 quarters in a year. Only check off an item once it has been completed, in order to be able to gauge your progress fairly. Please feel free to add more items as you feel necessary; again, your committees might want to formulate their own monthly checklists. The Inter-University Representative will have to consult with other board members to check off some parts of this list.

Please circle the month ending for this checklist: December, March, June, September.

  1. □ 22nd of this month submitted the Branch Quarterly Report for previous quarter happenings.
  2. □ Also, submitted a profile or article for professional affiliate of the quarter.
  3. □ Also, submitted our member of the quarter profile.
  4. □ Submitted anything else that was required by the YALDA Headquarters.
  5. □ Communicated with our YALDA LINC(s) during the past quarter.
  6. □ Activity(ies) or Event(s) for this quarter (if planned) addressed the following Target Area(s):
    • □ Increasing knowledge on Africa and African Development
    • □ Averting the Brain Drain/Facilitating the Brain Gain (through showcasing Volunteer, Internship and Career Opportunities)
    • □ Gaining Critical Leadership Skills
    • □ Building a Strong and Committed YALDA Community
  7. □ Assessed the progress of our branch’s African Youth Charter Community Impact Project.