Branch action plan


19. International Strategy and Important Dates

As you read in the YALDA Expectations Section (Chapter 3.9), every branch is expected to fully support YALDA global initiatives and programs, such as the YALDA Inter-Collegiate Model African Union Summit (IMAUS), the YALDA publications and the International Conferences. Participation is required and can be defined in many ways including, but not limited to: financial support; appointing members to committees; taking leadership positions in global events; communicating and sharing information; being involved in YALDA discussions; submitting updates when requested, and providing other resources as necessary. This also includes spreading the word about YALDA through Branch Expansion by helping start another branch.

Every 6 months, on the 1st of January and 1st of June of every year, unless otherwise stated, YALDA International will produce the YALDA International Strategy for the year and the following months. Each branch will be provided with the Strategy document, and the YALDA International timeline. Important dates for submissions of all materials will be indicated in the YALDA timeline and all branches are expected and required to respect all deadlines.

Here is a reminder of the YALDA monthly deadlines:


As stated earlier, communication will be expected of EVERY branch. The YALDA International board will set rules for disciplinary action for those YALDA branches that are delinquent when it comes to communication. Please take communication very seriously, as without it YALDA cannot operate successfully:

  1. On the 22nd of December, March, June and September each branch shall submit a profile or an article that will be posted on their website page for the ‘professional affiliate of the quarter’. The reasons for this are:
    • To keep communication on-going between students and their mentors and or their advisors
    • To acknowledge professional affiliates for the work they are doing
  2. Member of the quarter shall be submitted on the 22nd of December, March, June and September. Reasons why this person was chosen and their achievements should be highlighted. These members shall be automatically eligible to attend the YALDA International Conference in Africa. These members, as well as other nominees, will be entered in the continent wide selection for the three most outstanding YALDA members—who will be eligible for prizes.
  3. Mailing lists will be set up with all the members on it in order to have monthly email updates separate from the newsletter/magazine.
  4. Branches are encouraged to have their own separate mailing lists and have monthly email updates
  5. Branches should submit what they would like to appear on the YALDA International quarterly updates, by the 22nd of December, March, June, and September.
  6. Branches MUST email all the updated email addresses and names of their members, as requested by the Headquarters at
  7. Website Discussions. The YALDA website,, provides members with an online discussion forum and a chat site. Both means of communication not only serve to increase dialogue among all our members and professional affiliates, but also serve as a place where youth can voice their opinions on African issues. The Social Media Consultant will post a topic for discussion every month, but members are free to post their own topics.
  8. Social Media. Members and Executive Boards of YALDA branches are also encouraged and expected to follow all YALDA International social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the Whatsapp Group. In addition to following, all Branches should share and retweet posts from YALDA International social media accounts. These provide a means of connecting with the larger global YALDA community and staying up-to-date on YALDA news. Please refer to the contact information at the beginning of this document for YALDA’s social media details.