Branch action plan

23. YALDA International Conferences


Every two years (unless otherwise stated) an i-Boot Camp is held in the cities of one of the African YALDA branches, though exceptions can be made to hold it in the Diaspora when the need arises. Youth from all over Africa and abroad will converge to discuss issues on how to overcome challenges to youth leadership and Africa’s development problems. They will also be given a unique platform to present their ideas for overcoming these challenges, be it business or not for profit solutions. At the i-Boot Camp they will receive real time feedback on the ideas from our high profile speakers who are experts in their fields. It is our hope and belief that the i-Boot Camp will make a difference in our YALDA members’ lives and other young people, in both the present and the future.

Any youth, professional or organization may attend the YALDA International i-Boot Camp, but only registered YALDA youth members may attend for subsidized rates. Also, there will be certain events at the i-Boot Camp that will only be open to registered YALDA members. Furthermore, all competitions and awards will only be for registered YALDA members and registered YALDA professional affiliates. For a detailed description of the competitions please consult the previous section.

All branches are responsible for helping YALDA plan the i-Boot Camp by helping come up with the theme, find speakers, and contribute ideas on the kinds of panels, trainings and workshops your members would be interested in. Branches are also responsible for soliciting sponsorship and finding funding to ensure that their members can attend. More information on how your branches Conference Planning Committee is expected to contribute towards the conference can be found in Chapter 3.11.

Requirements for Participating in the i-Boot Camp

All branches may set the criteria in order to determine which of their members are eligible to attend the YALDA i-Boot Camp. Here are some ideas of what you might want to put in your criteria:

  1. You must be a registered YALDA member (REQUIRED by YALDA).
  2. You must be an active member of one or more YALDA committees for the whole duration of the academic year.
  3. You must attend all of your committee meetings and all YALDA general meetings and activities (where attendance will be taken).
  4. Members who have fulfilled the above three requirements and also have satisfactory evaluation scores 4 (or more) out of 5 average can attend.


During the year between the YALDA International i-Boot Camp, branches in the different regions of Africa (Southern, North, East, West and Central) and those abroad in the same part of the world are encouraged to hold regional conferences. YALDA encourages the branches in these regions to work together on this conference. Unlike the YALDA International i-Boot Camp, the regional conferences are not compulsory and branches may choose whether or not they want to participate. Branches may follow the guidelines used by YALDA for the i-Boot Camp to plan their regional conferences. YALDA International is happy to offer any technical assistance when needed.