Branch action plan

25. International Competitions and Awards

“Don’t wait for your ship to come in…Swim out and get it”— Unknown

As an organization trying to equip and mobilize African youth leaders who take themselves and their peers seriously, while working assiduously for Africa’s development, YALDA seeks to honour all our outstanding members. This is also in the spirit of keeping our YALDA members active and fully engaged in the organization and also creating a sense of unity among our various branches. YALDA International honours those exceptional members’ hard work by organizing various competitions and also honouring them with various awards. All registered YALDA members are eligible to enter any competitions facilitated by YALDA. We also encourage our branches to hold their own competitions and have their own branch awards (see Chapter 3.10 for more details).

To encourage YALDA branches’ enduring and remarkable team work, YALDA also organizes YALDA branch competitions. These will honour YALDA’s diligent branches with both monetary and in-kind prizes. These will be awarded to the branch as an entity and not to individual members. These branches will also be given YALDA awards in recognition of their outstanding contribution to furthering YALDA’s mission and goals. All registered and recognized YALDA branches that are not on probation are allowed to enter any of these competitions.


All competitions will be announced every six months by the YALDA International Board of Directors with each YALDA Agenda. There may be instances where YALDA will announce other competitions during the year that are not stated on the agendas. These “surprise” competitions and awards need not daunt any members or branches, as we hope that you will be working meticulously though-out the year, honouring YALDA deadlines, and keeping up communication so you would not need to do anything extra in order to enter the competition.


As YALDA grows there will certainly be more competitions for our members and branches to partake in. For now we have two ongoing competitions with prizes and final awards being presented at the YALDA International Conference.

  1. Branch Member of the Quarter (facilitated by branches)
    On the 22nd of December, March, June and September each YALDA branch submits their ‘member of the quarter’ with reasons why they were chosen, honoring the best member(s) with nice paper awards and also actual tangible prizes. What the actual prize will be will depend on your finances and your student culture. Be sure to also contact your professional contacts and companies to help in this area. Prizes have ranged from books, ipods, free dinners, tickets to popular events, computers, all expense paid trips, gift certificates etc.
  2. YALDA Member of the Year
    All the best YALDA members of the quarter are automatically eligible to attend the YALDA international biennial conference regardless of the attendance criteria or situation at their branch. At the biennial conference, the members are entered into a competition for YALDA’s top three members of the year, with some fabulous prizes and awards.
  3. YALDA Project of the Year
    All YALDA branches attending the international conference (which we hope is everyone) are required to be present at the YALDA Project Showcase, if they are currently engaged in a project. Each branch may choose who at the conference will present the project(s) that they have been working on. This project addresses some aspect of development and/or leadership development. The top three most exceptional and effective projects will be awarded prizes (the regularity of monthly updates submissions and quality of presentation will also be taken into consideration).