Branch action plan

26. YALDA International Organisational Structure

YALDA International Headquarters are located in Gaborone, Botswana.The general structure of the organization is as follows

YALDA International Board

The YALDA International Board is responsible for the accountability as well as all the fiduciary duties expected of members of the board. They have the responsibility of ensuring that YALDA undertakes to carry out its activities according to the constitution.

YALDA International Advisory Board

The YALDA International Advisory Board is made up of working professionals and YALDA mentors across the continent and the world that assist YALDA in achieving its objectives

YALDA International Executive Committee

The International Executive Committee is comprised of the following individuals, with a maximum of 15 members:

  • All 7 Regional Associates
  • An elected representative from past Executive Directors at YALDA Branches
  • An elected representative from past Regional Associates
  • YALDA portfolio heads for:
    • Publicity & Communications
    • Finance
    • Branches
  • YALDA International Secretary
  • Any other member maybe appointed to the IEC at the discretion of the IC

The head of the International Executive Committee is the YALDA Chairperson.

YALDA International Chairperson

The office of the International Chairperson is responsible for:

  • Leadership of the organisation
  • Managing the org. and its reporting
  • Creating a vision for which we all rally for etc.

YALDA International Secretary

The office of the International Secretary/ Head: Secretariat is responsible for the following:

  • Institutional record keeping at all levels
  • Establishing and maintaining record –keeping policies and associated procedures in keeping with best practices
  • Central database for Professional Affiliates, contact details etc. and is responsible for safeguarding these and ensuring confidentiality and due diligence in their management
  • Oversee routine and ad hoc data reporting function for both internal and external activities
  • Custodian of contracts, agreements, MOUs, MOIs and any such agreement entered into by YALDA either at an International or regional level.
  • Houses the organisation’s programmes unit/ coordinating programmes and implementation of new ones in conjunction with local teams
  • Vetts all proposals intended for external bodies to ensure compliance to YALDA’s constitution
  • Involved in preparing the schedule of meetings as well as provide agenda in conjunction with the IC
  • Be the official rapporteur for all meetings
  • Takes responsibility of preparing the annual report and works with the publicity team in ensuring the timely submission of all requisite newsletters etc.
  • Responsible for communicating all information from IEC meetings to members as necessary
  • Would ensure that all letterheads, notices and other official stationery and publications of the organisation display the correct name of the organisation, registration number, registered office. And thus serves as final approver for all documentation destined for external bodies. Grantor of YALDA official email addresses and monitors the usage thereof
  • Responsible for M&E of all programmes and activities, as required
  • and any other work assigned to him/ her as required by the IC
  • sit ex-offico in all working committees of the IEC incl. finance, branches, publicity etc.

Head of Finance

The Head: Finance for YALDA International is responsible for the following:

  • Review and approve preparation and finalization of monthly and annual financial reporting materials and metric
  • Oversee budgeting, financial forecasting, and cash flow for administration, existing programs, and proposed new sites.
  • Coordinate audit activities
  • Be responsible for the diversification of YALDA’s income stream
  • Responsible for the sourcing of funds to and the preparation of a fundraising strategy for presentation to the YALDA IEC
  • Serve as Chair: Finance Committee made up of a core member of individuals drawn from various areas.
    • This finance Committee will be made up of a core of individuals from different regions and is responsible for grant applications etc.
    • The committee shall have the following members
      • Head: Finance (chair)
      • International Secretary (ex-officio)
      • International Chairperson (ex-officio)
      • Elected Member of the RAs
      • Additional working committee members

Head of Publicity & Communication

  • Responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of the Organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal.
  • Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services for chapters in the area of marketing, communications and public relations
  • Directs the efforts of the marketing, communications and public relations office and coordinates at the strategic and tactical levels with other functions of the organisation
  • Responsible for the maintenance of YALDA’s social media pages and website and the timely delivery of an internal newsletter every quarter
  • Manage the relationship between YALDA and media partners
  • Prepare a marketing strategy to market YALDA and work with Head: Finance in publicising YALDA with the view of obtaining donations, sponsorships etc.
  • He/ She also chairs the publicity committee with the following members
    • Head: Publicity & Communications (Chair)
    • IC (ex-Officio)
    • International Secretary (ex-Officio)
    • Heads of Individual areas:
      • Communication
      • Social Media
      • Marketing
      • Research

Head: Branch Network

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of the branches expansion plan
  • Reports on all activities relating to branch development, activities and others
  • Supports regional associates in ensuring that branches receive the required support
  • Responsible for the development of materials relating to branches
  • Is responsible for ensuring that branches are compliant to YALDA’s constitution
  • .Responsible for the BAP and all associated branch material
  • Coordinate the Activities of all YRAs and Chair: Branch Expansion Committee
  • Any other responsibility as dictated by the IC
  • Branch Expansion Committee is made of the following individuals:
    • Head: Branch Network (Chair)
    • ALL Regional Associates (7)
    • International Secretary (ex-officio) (or designated alternate)

Regional Associates

There are seven regional associate positions available at the moment:

  • Diaspora
  • Northern Africa
  • Western Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Eastern Africa
  • Lusophone Africa
  • Francophone Africa

They are currently responsible for the following:

  • Act as chief YALDA representatives in their respective regions
  • Support all existing branches and ensure that they are monitored and are fulfilling obligations of branches as deemed from time to time by the IEC and Head: Branch Network
  • Come up with an expansion plan for their region and subsequently implement it
  • Work with various IEC to promote the establishment of YALDA Country Offices in each country that YALDA operates in.
  • Will Chair their respective regional committees and report back to the IEC once a month
  • To assist branches (in their regions) in every way they can to realize the goals and vision of YALDA
  • Maintain constant communication with all the branches
  • Receive and collate all submissions and reports for onward submission to Secretariat and Head: Branch Network
  • Revitalize floundering branches  and establish new branches
  • Will coach, mentor and manage University Executive Directors reporting to them, and alternatively the country MDs of YALDA Foundations where they are present (explained below)

YALDA Country Offices

YALDA’s Country Offices are formal registered representations of YALDA in different countries whose responsibility it is to do the following:

  • Be the representative for YALDA in those countries
  • Raise Funds and sponsorships on behalf of branches and various projects that we seek to implement
  • Be a centre of research for YALDA in the particular country/ region
  • Co-ordinate all local branches and assist in their mentoring and development.
  • In addition, all country office’s will implement national projects/ programmes to suit the respective needs of their location with the view of advancing YALDA’s mission and goals in those countries at a national level.

YALDA’s Country Offices typically have a Board which is made up of YALDA professional affiliates and sponsors from the countries in which they are found. In addition, depending on the country the YALDA Offices’ either:

  1. Have an Executive Board made up of representatives of branch executive members who meet to coordinate and consolidate YALDA’s activities in a country and are thus volunteers who are supported by the general foundation membership, or
  2. Have hired professionals and staff who carry out this work and report directly to their respective MD. The respective Regional Associate sits (ex-officio) on the board of the country office as an official representation of YALDA International. However, the MD of the country office reports to the Regional Associate as his/ her direct line manager or matrix report.

Branch Executive Committees

The various Branch Executive Committees represent YALDA at the branch level and are chiefly responsible for carrying out its work at Universities. The Branch Chairperson/ Executive Director reports to the Regional Associate/ YALDA Foundation Head with a reporting line to the International Branches Coordinator. They also sit and are a part of the International Executive Committee.

The Branch Executive Boards and their duties are stipulated in the YALDA Constitution, Appendix A.   The standards for qualification and the application process for being an Executive Committee member shall be determined and administered by the respective branches of the Organization.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following positions:

  • Executive Director
  • Assistant Executive Director
  • Local University Coordinator
  • Inter-University Representative
  • Financial Director
  • Research Director
  • Inter-Governmental Organizations Liaison
  • Multi-media Specialist

Additional branch specific positions may be added at the discretion of that branch.

YALDA Reporting Structure

The following reporting structure as this proposed.

  • Skype Conference Calls every other month with the international executive committee members as defined above (every eight weeks), with the following format:
    • Once all committee meetings have been concluded, secretaries and chairs are given one week to prepare a report on their focus areas highlighting their activities, plans and areas in which they require clarification or assistance this report must then be submitted to the IS/ HS
    • IS/ HS schedules meetings and notifies participants, prepares agenda in conjunction with IC
    • Prepares a report incorporating all committee reports to be sent to IEC prior to call at least 3 days before. 
  • Every month each sub-committee of the IEC should hold a conference call.  In the month of the IEC call the sub-committees must ensure that the meeting is held a week before.  The monthly meetings will be hosted over Skype as follows:
    • Each YRA with their respective executive directors of branches in their regions
    • Heads of Finance, Publicity and Branches and their respective committees
  • YRAs will chair their respective regional committee meetings with the following in attendance:
    • YALDA Country Office Executive Directors/Presidents/ CEOs/ MDs
    • All the University Executive Directors
    • An elected secretary who forms part of the IS/ HS team and ‘reports’ to the IS/ HS
      • The secretary is required to prepare minutes of the meeting, circulate agendas and etc and inform the IS/ HS of all those details for record keeping
  • Heads: Finance & Publicity
    • Will chair their individual committee meetings
    • Elect a secretary who will serve the same purpose as that in the YRA meetings