Branch action plan


27. Why Create a National YALDA Foundation

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This chapter of the Branch Action Plan is the least developed and we hope that future versions of the BAP will expand on the issues involved in creating and running a national YALDA foundation.

Creating a national YALDA foundation is crucial because at some point as you develop and run your branch, you will find that in order to acquire sponsorship or grants from local companies or organizations, you will need to be a registered and recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)/Society—or whatever terminology your country uses. You may want to form a national foundation from the beginning, or you may only want to do this after several years of local university development.

As stated earlier, the main purposes of the foundation will be to acquire and disburse funds to the local YALDA branches, located at universities. This will enable all branches to use one body to ask for sponsorships or grants for their various activities or community projects; it will be too tedious in a country where we have more than one YALDA branch for a company to be receiving proposals from all these branches. However, the foundation should NOT be a ‘one stop shop’ for funding for branches. Branches should always be encouraged to find innovative ways to raise funds for their activities and projects, and some ideas are discussed in Chapter 4, Section 16.

The national YALDA foundation, which will simply be called YALDA Foundation Ethiopia or YALDA Foundation Tunisia (or whatever the name of your country is), will work closely with the YALDA Headquarters and report directly to the Headquarters as all the other branches, and also directly to the donors. As the YALDA International Headquarters is located in Gaborone, Botswana, there will be no YALDA Foundation Botswana. Instead, when the need arises for such a foundation, YALDA International will provide a focal person to deal with the Botswana branches, and this person will operate directly from the YALDA International office.


The national YALDA foundation is NOT a national umbrella to integrate and coordinate the activities of all the university branches in your country. The national YALDA Foundation exists solely for the purposes of acquiring and disbursing funds to branches; all branches will still remain completely autonomous, and therefore the foundation cannot dictate to branches what they should state they need funds for in their proposals. Also, once the foundation has given a branch funds for a particular request, then the branch must ensure they use the funds for their intended purposes.