Branch action plan

29. Envisioning YALDA Local Community Branches

Many branches have expressed concern with the proposed YALDA branch expansion strategy; it has been noted that one of YALDA’s main challenges is how to bring YALDA to villages, town and even cities where there are no universities or any other tertiary institutions. In the future, YALDA will develop criteria and/or a generic constitution that will help young people who interested in forming a YALDA branch at the local level. These branches would be autonomous and would operate just like the branches at the universities, except they would be named after their specific city or town in which they are located, eg. YALDA Mandingues (a village in Mali).

It is important to note that in towns, cities and/or villages where there are currently YALDA branches at universities then for the time being YALDA will NOT allow young people to form a local branch outside the university.