Branch action plan


  1. Branch Constitution
    Found as this link Download
  2. Publicity and Information Session Materials
    Found at the following two links:
  3. Branch Application Form
    Only found electronically at this link: Form
  4. Branch Report Form
    Only found electronically at this link: Form
  5. All Committee Evaluation Forms
    These are available in the zip folder and online versions are also available below and you can request a copy of the form for your branch to use by emailing
    1. Executive Director’s evaluation of board members: Form
    2. Executive Board’s evaluation of their board: Form
    3. Committee Chair’s evaluation of committee members: Form
    4. Committee member’s evaluation of their committee: Form
  6. General Letter/Email Templates
    Only found in the zip folders that come with this
  7. Additional Fundraising Materials
    Found at this Download