Branch action plan

4. YALDA at Universities and Membership Benefits

“Not only sharing information and resources, but sharing culture”

YALDA is a network of branches at universities throughout Africa and around the world. Although only a minority of the youth in Africa have the opportunity to study at universities, the greatest concentration of youth are found at these institutions, and YALDA encourages our university branches to invite other youth to join YALDA through affiliation with them. It is at the university level in which YALDA members are able to communicate with academic chairs and professionals, and to impact their local community through university supported projects.


  • Links with other Universities

  • For the first time, students at your university will establish enduring connections with other university students on the continent and abroad who have a serious commitment to the welfare of Africa
  • Resources afforded by University Staff

  • The students can make real use of the resources and outside connections that professors and other staff members at the university have to offer
  • Access to the University’s links to Leading Professionals

  • Many important people and professionals who are African work in Africa or have an interest in the continent, and are often connected to universities. Students at your university can use this opportunity to introduce YALDA to these people and hopefully stir their interest and have them join the network
  • Links with affiliates in the YALDA Organization

  • Gives your university students access to leading professionals in the YALDA network who not only serve as positive role models, but become mentors, offer advice, information on jobs and internship opportunities, as well as funding, or help students secure funding for projects
  • Facilities provided at the University
    Unlike other youth not attending school, universities provide students with facilities and rooms where you will be able to host prominent speakers, workshops, and other informative or recreational activities for YALDA members and other youth
  • Access to YALDA’s intuitive resources

  • Gives students the resources and tools to start their own projects and improve their leadership skills, knowledge, and magnify their voices. This exposes your YALDA members to endless opportunities in their future careers to help develop the African continent
  • Experience in running an organization
    Being a student run organization, students create the branch and are in charge of all its activities. This allows students to gain experience, which is difficult to gain in their overall settings, in leadership skills and just being part of an organization that requires some level of responsibility
  • Eligibility to take part in the Biennial YALDA i-Boot Camp
    Every two years an i-Boot Camp is held in the city of one of the YALDA branches on the continent. Youth from all over Africa and abroad will converge to discuss issues and present their unique ideas that will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others both presently and in the future. Only as a member does one have the opportunity to take part in the conferences at incredibly subsidized rates. An added bonus: an excuse to travel
  • The opportunity to make a difference
    Allows students in Africa together with those from abroad to make use of local capacity that already exists. Through YALDA youth members are able to locate groups with similar complimentary interests, skills, and ideas and then they can work together to formulate a collective vision, evaluate their needs, join forces with other organizations and prepare to implement initiatives they have decided upon.
  • Opportunity to reach out to other youth
    The network gives ‘privileged’ university students the opportunity to reach out to other youth in our communities who were not afforded the same opportunities, and encourage them to become YALDA members at their universities so as to participate in your university’s YALDA activities and projects
  • Working with government on youth issues
    The opportunity to help build an environment in your country that is conducive to the development of youth-based leadership, including access to opportunities, support, information, and communication from and with different sectors and levels of government in your country and abroad.
  • International cooperation
    The network allows university students abroad to effectively communicate with their peers on the continent, find out what their needs are and how they propose to solve them. Students abroad can offer advice and suggestions based on their experiences, help with formulating trainings, offering technical assistance, facilitating donation drives and even helping with fundraising efforts for branches in Africa.