Branch action plan

6. Adopting the YALDA Constitution

In Appendix A or at by clicking Download you will find a copy of the YALDA constitution. This constitution should form the basis of your branch. However, before you adopt it, you and your team should review it carefully and make any changes that you deem appropriate—keeping in mind the new constitution meets the requirements of your university.

  1. You are not permitted to change the name of the organization. You may only insert the name of your school for example, calling yourself Harvard YALDA or YALDA Cairo University - whichever sounds better to you.
  2. Any organization that is not a recognized YALDA branch or one with a different name that tries to adopt this Constitution will be subjected to disciplinary action before the law for the violation of intellectual property rights.
  3. You may want to change the names of the Executive Board positions at your branch to be more in line with the norms in your country. For example, change Executive Director to President or Chairperson. If you find it necessary, you may also add extra positions to your board, but you are prohibited from reducing or combining the board positions that are already stated in the constitution.
  4. You may also add clauses that you feel will be important as you envision running YALDA at your university and in your country. Changes that do not nullify or contradict any items in the YALDA constitution are permitted.
  5. You may not create a completely different constitution. In order to adopt the constitution, you must have at least two or all members of the Executive Board, together with your two identified faculty mentors sign it. Please understand that by adopting and signing the YALDA Constitution, you and your branch are not only agreeing to represent YALDA and what it stands for, but also to be instrumental in the execution of its mission and its purpose.
  6. Once adopted and altered, please forward your branch’s new constitution to the YALDA Branches Coordinator for approval and for the records. Please make sure you receive a confirmation that your new constitution was received.