Branch action plan

7. Branch Set-Up Checklist

This check list can be used to ensure steady progress in setting up a branch at your university. We recommend a month to a whole semester for this process.

  1. □ Contacted the YALDA International Headquarters to express your interest
  2. □ Received YALDA Promotional material from the Headquarters
  3. □ Contacted relevant groups and administrators for advice on advertising on campus
  4. □ Booked a location, set time and date for the information session(s)
  5. □ Held information session(s) with good attendance (20 plus people)
  6. □ Set deadline for submission of Executive Board applications and distributed them
  7. □ Received applications and selected an interim Executive Board
  8. □ Contacted relevant university administration about registration and requirements
  9. □ Found the required minimum of two on-campus faculty advisors
  10. □ Revised and adopted the YALDA Constitution and sent it to YALDA Intl
  11. □ Met the requirements and registered YALDA at the university
  12. □ Informed YALDA Intl of current progress and sent university registration letter
  13. □ Completed the BAF and registered new YALDA branch on the YALDA website
  14. □ Held information session(s) to recruit more YALDA members
  15. □ Had all YALDA members (and board) fill out membership forms and register online
  16. □ Received all our YALDA branch membership forms