Welcome to the Branch and Information Materials page, otherwise also known at the Branch Administration page.  This page not only allows you to search for the other branches in our network and view their profile pages (just like on the database), but it also includes all the documents and materials you need to start, run and improve the effectiveness of your YALDA branch.  All the guidance, requirements, materials, forms, graphics and any other items that your branch will need can be found on this page!  The External Relations Manager shall ensure any video trainings, new forms, surveys, or additional materials are always loaded on this page.  This page is the food for the soul of your branch, and it is imperative that your Inter-University Representative and his/team learn to navigate easily on this page. 

If you need any assistance you can always email the YALDA External Relations Manager at

YALDA Branch Action Plan:

Please click below in order to view the electronic version of the YALDA Branch Action Plan and all related appendices.