How yalda works

How YALDA Works

YALDA is about building bridges needed to support one whole vision, rather than two half visions for Africa. Innovative ways to connect youth and professionals who have complimentary needs and interests are born and take shape through the YALDA online network. As youth development organization, we provide mentoring, capacity building, and entrepreneurial support to develop the next generation of African leaders.

YALDA’s 3 Spheres of Collaboration

YALDA provides our youth members with three ways of forming networks:

i. Linking youth and university students on the continent and internationally with each other

ii. Linking young people with leading professionals. The benefits for youth include but not limited to:

  • Getting practical ideas and advice on the projects and careers they want to pursue
  • Referrals (more networking)
  • Friendly relationships and role models
  • Funding, job opportunities, internships etc.

iii. Links to both professional and youth-run organisations and also a wide array of youth-run projects with similar benefits as stated above.

YALDA Fields that we work with are:

  • Agriculture
  • Consumer Goods and Services
  • Education and Academia
  • Environment Impact
  • Fashion and Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Government, Politics and Civil Service
  • Human Development
  • Law Enforcement and Security
  • Legal Services and Human Rights
  • Media, Entertainment, Arts and Culture
  • Mining and Resources
  • Public Health and Medicine
  • Sports and/ Outdoor Activities
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Tourism and Hospitality

YALDA works by:

  • Connecting young people in Africa to an international network of professionals who have a strong interest in the development of the continent
  • Providing a forum in which African students can connect with peers around the world who have similar interests and needs
  • Encouraging tolerance of differences and productive collaboration across racial, cultural, and national boundaries—the lack of which continues to stifle development— by facilitating cultural and intellectual exchange between young people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Offering career development assistance through the YALDA professional mentors and advisors, as well as information on internships and job opportunities
  • Learning about the short and long-term visions of youth in Africa and the initiatives they are undertaking in order to actualize those goals
  • Generating the person-power necessary to implement these initiatives on the continent
  • Giving youth the opportunity to learn about and work on initiatives in African countries other than their own
  • Inviting members to attend YALDA international i-boot camp and conferences where they can meet other youth who share similar interests as well as meet professionals who can advise and support their initiatives.